Sale of an ltd.

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The process of selling an Ltd.

  • 1. Evaluation of attractiveness of your business for us, we need your company ID. The value of your company depends mainly on your history and whether or not you are a VAT payer.
  • 2. Insight into your accounting.
  • 3. Based on the above mentioned, we will tell you the price for the company and also the time horizon of sales.

  • 4. By mutual agreement, you must obtain the consent of the tax administrator to sell the business share to the tax office. If you empower us, we will equip this step for you..
  • 5. Finally we realize the sale of the company.

Not to forget when selling:

  • You can not have any active contracts and orders.
  • You can not be in the process of liquidation and have liabilities to companies, individuals and state institutions.

If you have any questions.

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