We provide our customers with a number of additional services to make it easier for them to start a business


Double-entry bookkeeping
Our experts will provide you with complete bookkeeping. In today’s time of changes, it is difficult to follow legislation and make no mistakes. Leave your accounts to our professionals who have years of experience and are constantly learning.

Corporate identity

Ideal service for startups as well as for companies that need change. We will take care of creating a website, corporate logo and corporate identity. We will also provide a personal assistant for you to save your time.

Changes in ltd. and the establishment of a new ltd.

We will provide you with any changes in ltd. on the territory of the whole Slovak republic without the need of a personal visit. Whatever you need, just contact us and we will provide for you professionals who will prepare documents for changes in the Slovak Commercial Registers. We will also set up a brand new ltd. and we will provide all the related necessities. Changes in ltd. as well as the founding a new company will be verified by our lawyers.

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