Are you interested in our services or just want to ask?

I bought a company with you. When can I start doing business?

You can start doing business right after signing the documents. You can open a bank account when you have a listing from your business register.

How long does it take to enroll in a business register?

Entry in the Business Register usually takes 3-7 business days from the payment of the court fee. You will usually receive a listing from the business register within one week of signing the documents.

How long does the contracts elaboration take?

Elaboration of contracts takes up to 24 hours from the order.

What do I need when I want to book and buy a company?

You need a signed reservation agreement and consent to the processing of personal data. After that, an advance payment has to be paid to the company’s account. Reserve amount will be determined by mutual agreement. You must pay at least 20% of the total cost of the purchased company.
The remaining part will be paid when signing contracts with a notary. If you can sign the documents after 7 days or more from the date of booking, we require payment of the full amount to the company account.

Do you provide any other services when buying an ltd.?

We can provide a domicile for your company in Bratislava or Trnava. It’s about renting rooms for running a business and business meetings. The annual fee for the residence is 300 euros.

What documents do I need to buy or establish a company?

  • Valid citizens’ ID or a passport.
  • Tax administrator’s consent to be entered in the Commercial Register. We will prepare this document for you. If the buyer is a foreign person, you do not need the consent.
  • Consent of the owner of the property with the registration of the ltd. into the business register.

How do you guarantee that you only sell companies that have no receivables?

We guarantee it in the contracts. Both the company and the manager declare that the company has no active contracts, receivables, is pure and impeccable. In addition to the contract, they sign an arbitration clause that protects the buyer (the acquirer of the company).